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My Mom Let Me Draw On My Walls

It’s not easy being the youngest kid in a family of amazing basketball players, especially when you love drawing cartoons more than shooting hoops. I was in the 5th grade, my hair was long and I spent more time on a skateboard then on a basketball court. At this point my oldest brother and sister […]

The Time Between Things

I can’t say that managing my time is one of my strengths. I have to structure my days in a way that makes sure I’m up on time and where I need to be when I told someone I’d be there. I’ve written about some of the different ways I make sure this actually happens […]

Another Year, Another Marathon Fail

I’m not happy that I’m writing this post right now but hey, that’s how things go sometimes. For the third time in four years (here’s last year) I didn’t end up running the San Francisco Marathon I was training for (so much for this post). To be honest I’m not sure if I’m ever going […]

Riding On The Tractor With Dad

The tractor was old and dad started it with a few strong turns of a crank. I can still hear the chug-a-chug of the engine once it fired up. It was a bright orange Allis-Chalmers that was older than my dad but it looked brand new. That’s how dad likes to keep things. The house […]

Bay Area Man Takes Shirt Off, Gets Sunburnt At Ocean Beach

In what might be a first in San Francisco, a man went to Ocean Beach today and took off his shirt. Bare skin exposed to the sun isn’t a common occurrence at one of the Bay Area’s most popular surf destinations which left many of the locals questioning the man’s intentions. One of the hundreds […]

A Wedding Ceremony Script For First-Time Officiants

After officiating my first wedding and taking the time to pull together the wedding ceremony script I thought it would be good to post what I came up with for others to use. There are lots of things that can be added/removed from this example but it’s a good foundation that can help save some […]

How I Got Ordained As A Minister And Officiated My Friend’s Wedding

I spent this last weekend in Panama City Beach, which thanks to several spring breaks and family vacations I’m very familiar with. It’s been a few years since I’ve been there but it’s just how I remembered it. Hot weather and some of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. I love me some PCB […]

Stopping My Heel Striking By Changing My Gait

Now that I’m training for another marathon (that’s in less than a month) I’m starting to get back up in mileage. I’m running around 20-25 miles a week right now and my long runs are over 10 miles. My runs during the week are getting longer, too — I went out for 7 miles this […]

Being Mature Enough To Know I’m Immature

There was a point in my life not too long ago when I realized I was being immature. Not pick my nose and you’ve got the cooties immature but something much worse. I was immature in how I interacted with the world and what I expected from it. From the outside I looked like I […]

Why I Owe Money On My Taxes And The Importance Of The W-4

I’ve been paying my taxes for a long time now but to be completely honest I never had any idea how it all actually worked. My tax information isn’t very complicated. It’s me and Stephanie’s W-2s and a couple other minor things so there’s not much to them. Most years I punch in a few […]