Where Do You Get Your Energy From?

Everyone wants more energy. The more energy we have the more we can do, the more we can do the more productive we can become and the more productive we can become the more valuable we are to society. Energy is an interesting thing that I think about a lot. When I feel energetic I love it and I can’t get enough. It’s like a drug that I want to keep using as long as I can. I get more things done, I think clearer and I have an increased interest in other people.

Most ways that people get energy are temporary. This could be from a cup of coffee, a Red Bull (who just gave my office a couple cases yesterday) or a 5 hour energy shot. These various energy drinks are a multi-billion dollar industry and believe me, I’ve spent my fair share of money on them (and sometimes I still do). I have no idea what the long-term side effects are, but if taken at a higher than recommended level I can’t see how any of these options can be good for you. Plus, I’ve always found that they become addictive over time, which is never good.

Of course there are other ways of getting more long-term and sustainable energy, but it’s not going to be as easy as picking up a can of caffeine at the gas station. Eating healthy, getting more sleep and exercising can give you the same results all without the side effects that you’re going to have from drinking energy drinks.

Is it easy to tap into your natural energy this way? Heck no, it’s actually pretty hard and it takes time and focus to sustain it. But, I can guarantee that if you stick with it and start to see the difference between getting your energy from a can or from a run — there’s no way you’ll ever go back.

I’m working to keep my energy sources natural, but I’ll admit that sometimes I fall off the horse and end up buying Big Gulps full of Mountain Dew on a daily basis. Although it does feel pretty awesome for the first couple days or so, eventually I get hit with the side effects and the fact that I can’t rely on the tasty, yellow caffeinated goodness for all of the energy that I need to make it through my week. It just doesn’t work for me and it won’t work for you as a long-term way to keep you productive.


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