I’m An Uncle (again)

The Bossnack Fam
Meet the new addition to the fam, Mallory Kaye.

Before this week I was an uncle to five girls and three boys. That’s eight nieces and nephews for all of you math gurus out there. But apparently that’s not quite enough because right around 48 hours ago the girl to guy ratio went up one notch higher.

That’s right, there was yet another XX chromosome added to our family thanks to my sister giving birth to a 7lb 6oz human named Mallory Kaye Bossnack. I like to call this ability a super power but apparently creating humans and releasing them into the wild is a common thing that females are capable of. What can I say, women never cease to amaze me.

Even though this is niece or nephew number nine for me I’ve been much more involved with this pregnancy than any of the others. I remember when my sister first told me she was pregnant, being sent her first ultrasound on my phone, seeing her belly move around for the first time on Skype and keeping up with the progress of the baby room.

I wanted to be more involved with the process this time around and I’m grateful to have had the chance to do that for the past nine months. My sister’s an amazing woman, I love her more than hummus and walking though this her has been something I’ll never forget.

Congrats to my sister Angie, her husband John and now big sister Colleen. I’ve been very blessed to have been able to be a part of the pregnancy and I can’t wait to hold Mallory for myself sometime soon.


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