Mo Gets His New Shoes

When Mo got his new shoes I wanted to be there so I could show Greg Oppman and the rest of the awesome people over at The Runner’s Forum how much he appreciated them hooking him up. I knew that he would be excited to get some new kicks, but I didn’t have any idea that he was going to react like this. I think Mo might have an acting career in his future.

I posted this video on Reddit and within a day it had over 15k views, which was pretty cool. There were some really interesting comments made about Mo on both YouTube and Reddit. Most were positive, which was good but of course there’s always other people who don’t say such nice things about Mo, the fact that I’m giving things and the fact that I got all of it on video in the first place.

The one thing that just blew me away with that video is how much he loved putting on the new socks and shoes for the first time. I know he was playing around a little bit, but you can tell by how he was acting that he was really excited to get some new kicks.

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