I’m Ready To Be A Runner Again

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been three weeks since I first broke my pinky toe. Breaking your pinky toe isn’t a major injury by any measurement but it was enough to kill my hopes of running the San Francisco Marathon and has kept me from running since it happened. Although missing out on the marathon is a bummer (I really wanted to run it) I’m much more affected by the fact that for nearly a month my daily running routine has been non-existent. Really the only reason I was running the marathon was to make sure that I stayed consistent with my running (and running a marathon just sounds cool). It was my means to an end and that means has been nowhere to be found since kicking the leg of my coffee table while only wearing socks on that fateful Sunday.

So how do I feel? To be honest it hasn’t been too hard on me considering that I went from running like a maniac to completely stopping. I definitely miss the natural energy that running gives me in the morning and I’ve tried to substitute in Mountain Dew for the endorphins, but it’s a cheap, weak and temporary option. Oh, and I’ve been staying pretty busy keeping up with Mo so that’s helped me keep my mind off it. More on what’s up with Mo later.

The one thing that running does for me is give me some structure and outside-of-the-workplace responsibility that’s important for anyone to have. No one is paying me to run and no one is going to care if I stop (at least no one has for the past three weeks). Running is something that I do for myself and although the benefits of me knocking out a few miles on foot five times a week can touch others besides myself it’s ultimately me who determines whether or not I’m doing it consistently. It also motivates me to get to bed earlier so I can get up and run before work which is how I prefer to start my day. In case you can’t tell, I like the challenge of running and and really miss it.

So, what now? I’m planning on running for the first time in three weeks before this week is over. It’s not going to be far and it’s not going to be fast but it’s going to be a run and that’s all that matters to me. My toe is still healing and has a little bit of swelling here and there but I don’t have any pain at all when I walk. I’ve also busted out some short jogs with Frank to test it out and it feels fine. As far as I can tell I’m ready to go for a run and I can’t wait.

I’m ready to be a runner again.

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