Do You Want A Relationship Or A Dog?

Relationships with humans are complicated and they take work. When you make the decision to become closer to someone, be it a best friend, roommate or spouse you’re opting into all that comes along with it. The good: companionship, support, love, laughter and the bad: conflict, miscommunication, baggage, emotions. You make the decision and you dive on in.

Heading into a relationship you easily accept the good but most of the time you don’t initially think about or even notice the bad. But no matter what your relationship is, given the right amount of time and circumstances the bad is going to show up. Of course with some understanding and setting proper expectations the bad really isn’t that bad. Well, at least not for long. Something happens, there’s conflict and in the best case scenario you bring it up, deal with it and move on having made your relationship that much stronger.

We’re all selfish humans and we’re all impossible to please. As long as both people in the relationship understand that and do their best to deal with these issues through love, understanding and persistence it can actually be a healthy thing. But both people need to stick it through and keep on coming back.

Owning A Dog

Owning a dog is much more simple and mostly one-sided. A dog is always happy to see you and is going to love you on matter what. Conflict with a dog is easy to deal with. The dog does something wrong, it gets disciplined and life goes on. The dog doesn’t hold it against you and before you know it you’re back to being best buds. Give the dog a treat and bam, it’s all good.

You can’t create a true relationship with a dog, it’s just not possible. You can love a dog and the dog will definitely love you back but there’s not going to be any deep, human-like connection. Having a dog is great but in the end you’re the master and the dog is your pet that is forced to do what you want, when you want. You feed it, you walk it and you pick up it’s poop but in the end you’re the one who’s always in control.

Having a real relationship with someone else is an amazingly rewarding experience that’s going to be challenging at times. Owning a dog is great but it’s not a mutual relationship and will never give you the things you really need. Are you ready for a relationship or do you just want a dog?


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