Seeing People In Their Element

I love seeing people in their element. Like, really, really love it. Seeing someone surrounded by an environment where they thrive and feel the most alive is the best and makes me ridiculously happy. If you haven’t seen someone you care about in their element, then you haven’t really seen them and should figure out how to do that asap. For reals.

Maybe you have no idea what I’m talking about, I get it — I tend to ramble about some pretty weird stuff. But, I don’t think that this is too complicated and hopefully I’m not the only person who loves experiencing this type of thing. Here, let me give a few examples.

Seeing people in their element can be simple, like when my dad goes to Bob Evans in the mornings to hang with his peeps. Or, like when my friend Nicole teaches Zumba – that’s totally her element and when she’s teaching I can tell it’s her happy place (even if she’s trying to kill me with those crazy dance moves).

While I’m home and not in China studying Mandarin for 10 frustrating hours per day, I try to see my friends and family in their element as much as possible. Not having a job definitely helps with that as I can just drop everything, hop on a mountain bike, and ride through town to a lake to go fishing on a random afternoon. You know, like I did today with my homie Marc.

If I’m in Indiana I’m talking to Marc all the time as long as his phone is charged (it’s like 10 years old and has a battery life of approximately 7 minutes). He’s always going fishing and that’s definitely his element, so today I was happy to be able to take a step into his world by floating in a canoe with his crazy ass for a couple hours while trying to catch some fish.

When we were out of the reach of sunshine it was a little chilly and I was just wearing shorts and a hoodie, but it was still an epic time. We also didn’t end up catching any fish, but I was able to fish for the first time in 15 years and it was top-notch hangout time. Like I said, it was Marc’s element and I was just there to take it all in, one cast at a time.

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