My One Hour Obsession With Zombie Boy

I don’t stay obsessed with things for very long. I don’t have a band that I am a huge fan of, there’s not actor/actress that I can’t get enough of and I don’t even get that excited about certain types of foods (well, beside hummus). I’m not sure why I don’t have any long-term obsessions, but that’s just the way that my mind works I guess.

But, I do have what I like to call “one hour obsessions” with all kinds of things — usually when something catches my attention on the internet. It usually starts off innocently enough, but then once I start digging into it I quickly become more obsessed than a teenage girl watching the new Justin Bieber video.

I start off with one thing and then BAM, I end up searching, reading and opening up an infinite amount of tabs full of related websites that I have to check out. It’s like I get a thirst for something and I have to go and go and go until I feel like it’s quenched — and sometimes that can take a while.

My latest one hour obsession was with Zombie Boy, or as his parents call him, Rick Genest. I ended up running into one of his videos on YouTube and it really sparked my curiosity. The funny thing is that the video is actually an ad for Dermablend Concealer.

After I saw that video I saw some other related videos in the sidebar of YouTube that gave me some more information on what this tattooed guy was all about. I quickly learned that Zombie Boy was also the guy who was in Lady Gaga’s Born This Way video a while back. I remember seeing him in that video, but I honestly had no idea that the tattoos he was rocking were real.

I couldn’t stop there though and as I continued to find more out about Zombie Boy. He’s one of the most tattooed men in the world and he has become quite the big deal on the fashion runway, which I think is pretty awesome. You have a guy who looks like the walking dead taking over an industry that is full of guys who are doing all they can do to look their best. It’s irony at it’s best, I guess.

Here’s a good look at what’s tattooed on his chest…

…and here are the tattoos on his back.

That’s about all that I found out about the man known as Zombie Boy and that’s about as close as I come to being obsessed. It comes, it goes and it’s always fun to see what all I can find when digging up the full story about something like this. Do you ever have any one hour obsessions or am I the only one who does this? Let me know in the comments.

Ok, one more video — here’s his promotional reel.

Annnnd I’m done. For real this time.

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  1. Skye

    thanks hup.
    way to distract me.

    • Hup

      haha, hey — that’s what I’m here for. Zombie Boy is one interesting dude.

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