Being Weird

“You’re super weird.”

“Ok, that’s creepy.”

“Nice, stalker! Haha!”

These are a few of the reactions I got after showing some of my lovely, yet apparently super judgmental friends the above photo of a postal worker I took the other day.

I can see where they’re coming from, but for me, getting a little weird is normal and something I’m used to. For example, take this situation with the postal worker. I saw her cross the street as me and a friend were getting into the car after eating some delicious doughnuts (they had bacon on them).

My friend sees the postal worker and has no reaction, probably because she’s seen the postal worker before. Me, on the other hand, see this postal worker and think about a few things.

1. I’ve never seen a postal worker that young
2. I’ve rarely seen female postal workers
3. Her bright red hair was awesome
4. The rest of her outfit with the socks pulled up, sock hat, and headphones looked even more awesome

I mentioned her to my friend and still didn’t get much of a reaction, so off we went and as I drove away I didn’t think much more of that super-cool looking postal worker.

Well, that is until I drove back through town on my way to the coffee shop and there she was again, this time walking out of our small town post office with overflowing bags of mail pulled over both shoulders. I slowly cruised down the street a bit and told myself that if she walked by me, then I’d ask for a quick photo.

It didn’t take long until I saw her turn the corner, so there I was, hopping out of the car and asking a random girl who was delivering the mail if I could take a photo (followed quickly by an explanation why). Yeah, she thought it was weird at first, but after telling her I was from there, what year I graduated, and asking her a few other questions about her job it was all good.

I really like the photo and for some reason I think it screams small town U.S.A. — I even got the flag hanging off of the front porch behind her in the photo. After being gone from my hometown for so long it’s these types of small things I notice and realize are so unique to where I grew up and I think that’s pretty cool. Sure, a little weird, but also pretty cool.

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