Meet Marcus P

Calling Marc one of my best friends doesn’t do our relationship justice. It’s like we’re family, we just happen to have different moms. Yeah, it’s like that (rat-a-tat-tat).

I like to call Marc a gypsy although he’s always lived in the same place. He’s a guy who’s really hard to explain, in a good way. One time when we were little we were both sleeping in our underwear in his living room (that’s how we rolled) and we thought someone was breaking into his house. We were so tough we grabbed a couple of fireplace pokers, ran out the front door and hid in his neighbor’s bushes for the next hour, wondering if the coast was clear.

Yep, me and Marc are tight and we have some amazing stories that we like to talk about in a way that makes it seem like they’re made up. Heck, at this point I think that some of it might be but to be honest neither of us really care.

Although Marc’s an awesomely weird human and friend the thing that I respect most about him is his insane level of creativity. The guy just oozes the stuff and somehow it ends up on canvases and anything else he can get his hands on.

The people who know him have a have a hard time describing the things that he creates. They’re odd, they’re intricate, they’re beautiful and they’re just…Marc.

Marc is always making art but most of it doesn’t ever get outside the four walls he creates it in. I don’t think that’s fair to me and all of you so I’m going to start showing off some of the stuff he’s made (along with a short backstory of  each one). If you have any thoughts on any of it, let me know and I’ll tell Marc.

Art is meant to make you think and feel and wonder what the heck is going through the artist’s head when they’re making it. Here’s a glimpse into what Marc was thinking when he made the painting you see below.

This painting is called “Trip To PCB”, which is an ode to Panama City Beach, FL. It was created a couple of years back, which seems like a couple days now. During this time I was teaching art and my position was cut out of nowhere. As I was dealing with the reality of losing my job I sat down in my studio (aka my spare bedroom at the time) and with pencil started sketching over and over and over again. With this piece I’m definitely trying to capture the viewers complete attention – if only for a few seconds or minutes. This baby took about a week for me to complete due to the many layers involved. During those 7 days I drank a few beers and was happy I didn’t die earlier in my youth. 🙂

I’l be posting more paintings from Marc soon (he’s sent me over twenty of them) but before I did I thought you should get to know him a little bit first. Consider your life just that much more interesting now, you’re welcome.


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