My Fascination With Consistency

I’m fascinated with consistency. Mainly because it’s something that you can’t fake and it’s the key to seeing success in everything you do. I don’t care if it’s brushing your teeth, moving up the corporate ladder, getting in shape or a relationship with your neighbor — consistency is key.

I’m not good with consistency. In fact, I’m really bad at it. I love when things change and I seem to enjoy chaos in whatever I do. I think this makes me a great startup guy, but it tends to make me a bad husband, friend and long-term employee. I’m a lot better at being consistent than I used to be, so apparently it’s something you can learn, but I’ve got a long way to go.

Something that I’ve learned about consistency is that there’s a breaking point where my fight and struggle against being consistent is overtaken by the positive feeling of staying on course and turning something into a habit.

I’m not sure if that makes sense for anyone outside of my head, so let me give you an example. Once I’ve been running consistently for a few weeks and I start to feel in shape my fight against consistency starts to fade away. This is due to my growing sense of accomplishment which comes from the recognizable evidence that my efforts have, in fact, resulted in me getting what I initially wanted.

This is when it gets interesting because my new sense of accomplishment results in more motivation to continue with the consistency, which then leads to even more positive results and the cycle continues.

At this point you’re usually on top of your game. You’re running farther than you ever have before or you’re making more moves at work than you ever thought you could. At this point truly consistent people keep on pushing and move on to bigger and better things while others take this sense of accomplishment as an opportunity and right to be less consistent.

This, my friends is called complacency and when you let it creep into your mind it will make all of the work and consistent focus that you’ve had up to this point completely worthless. I don’t have time to go into it now, but this is something that I’ll dig deeper into some other time.

Until then, be consistent and don’t give up too soon. Consistency over time equals results, so stick with it!

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