Pugs and Their Magical, Three-Dimensional Tails

In case you haven’t noticed, Pugs are pretty much the most amazing dogs, ever. They’re full of personality, don’t require a lot of exercise and make all kinds of funny noises. Ever since getting talked into it by Stephanie a few years back I’ve been the proud owner of a Pug and at this point I can’t really imagine my life without the little weirdo.

The one thing that’s different about Pugs is the trifecta of emotional connection they have with their tails. Where as most dogs have a binary ability of either wagging or not wagging Pugs have a third dimension at their disposal. If another dog is happy their tail will be wagging but what about when it’s not? How do they feel then? With Pugs there’s never any question about how they’re feeling and their magical tails tell the story. Here, let me explain and prepare to have your mind blown.

If a Pug is content and not sad or excited, it’s tail will be curled up tight. Frank happens to have a really tight curl with his tail so when he’s doing ok you can see it. Frank’s tail curls this way when he’s eating, walking around or chewing on something.


If a Pug is sad, upset or asleep it’s tail will be drooped down and unrolled as much as possible. Frank’s tail does this when he’s not able to do what he wants, when I leave the apartment without him or when he knows he’s been bad. The drooping tail is never a good thing.


If a Pug is excited it’s tail will not only be curled up but it will also be wagging back and forth. This is something that’s unique to Pugs and is really funny to see. Frank’s tail does this whenever he’s really excited about something, like when I come home after being at work all day or when we’re playing with a toy together. Check out the video of me and Frank playing below to see the wagging tail in action. Also, be sure to check out my sweet hair.

If you were never aware of the awesomeness of the Pug tail, consider yourself schooled. It goes without saying that there are also other amazing things Pugs do that other dogs don’t but it wouldn’t be right if I gave away all the secrets at once so stay tuned.


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