#RyanParty T-Shirt + Sign Design

A couple of months ago I met a fellow tall Ryan at a little get together and he mentioned that some of his other friends named Ryan were going to put together a party that was just for all of the Ryans who live in the Bay Area. He said that they would, of course, allow people with other names to show up, but the night was going to be all about being a Ryan and nothing more. Oh, and maybe your name is Bryan or Brian, the close cousin of Ryan? Well, you can come too, but you have to wear a Ryan name tag for the entire night. You don’t have to like it, but you still have to wear it. It’s our night.

Admittedly me and the Ryan who I was talking to at the time had put away a few beers together at this point, so I wasn’t completely sold if this was ever really going to happen. I mean, I wished that it would and I wanted to believe that the Ryan Party was going to come true, but for some reason it just didn’t sound possible. It was like it was just too good to be true.

Man, was I wrong. The #RyanParty is on and it’s on big. I’m heading there tonight with a fellow Ryan and we’re going to be rocking the design you see below on t-shirts that we just had printed today. For all of you other Ryans out there (and fans of Ryans) I put it online so that you can download a PDF version of it.

See you at the party.


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