The Time Between Things


I can’t say that managing my time is one of my strengths. I have to structure my days in a way that makes sure I’m up on time and where I need to be when I told someone I’d be there. I’ve written about some of the different ways I make sure this actually happens and most of the time it works. Most of the time.

When it comes to being on time and getting things done I’ve found that there’s a culprit that causes more problems than anything. I call this culprit the Time Between Things. This is usually the time that’s filled with checking my phone for something that doesn’t really matter but other unneeded activities can eat up this time, too.

The Time Between Things are the minutes between having plenty of time and rushing. It’s when I’m about to jump in the shower but I decide to play with my dog for a few minutes. It’s that time after lunch when I should put away my phone so I can be early to my next meeting but instead I scroll through my Twitter feed one more time. It’s the time between getting into bed going to sleep after I’ve looked through Facebook for an hour.

The Time Between Things is between my first alarm and after I’ve snoozed 5 times. It’s what decides if I drive the speed limit or sprint to the train. It can cause more anxiety and stress than most things in my life and I’m over it.

The Time Between Things needs always requires my attention and now I’m going to do something about it…right after I watch one more YouTube video.


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